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Ft. Screven, Georgia - Wee Willie - 03-23-2017

These are pictures of George Edward Brannon "Ed" and some of his friends in Ft. Screven before they were shipped overseas.  I don't have any information on any of the others except for their first names.

Cox-WWII buddy.jpg

Frank-WWII buddy.jpg

GEB WWII-001a.jpg

GEB WWII-002a.jpg

GEB WWII-003a.jpg

GEB WWII-005a.jpg

Ft. Screven, Georgia - Walt's Daughter - 03-25-2017

Great images. Hey at least we know their first names. If you get your hands on a roster, then it might be easy to fill in the blanks. 

Ft. Screven, Georgia - MARNE - 05-12-2017

If I could see the photos I could tell you where exactly they were taken as I live in Savannah and have spent many years at Fort Joseph Screven.


Ft. Screven, Georgia - Walt's Daughter - 05-25-2017

I see we are missing quite a few images on the forum now, after the crash. Damn. Will see what I can do to rectify this. Sorry guys and gals.


I am going to try and re-upload everything in the upload folder. Most images are still displaying on the forum, while a few select others, are not. It's disturbing. It should correct the problem.