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Farewell William (Bill) Tingen - 101st Airborne - Walt's Daughter - 02-19-2015

I wish to say a farewell to my friend, Bill Tingen. We used to talk on Facebook and I will miss our wonderful exchanges. So glad I got to know you, though I wish it was for a longer period of time. Sigh!


My condolences to the family and all his friends.


Of course the family has been sharing their feelings with everyone, and this morning, this was posted on FB, by a grandson. I think it shows the kind of man he was. So with permission from his son, Pistol Tingen, I am sharing this with you.



I'm sorry for overloading Facebook with the memories of my Grandfather, But I wanted to share another poem he wrote after my Grandma passed.

? "My Dear

as I sit and think little things about you
and think of all we both have been through
and as I think of our God's saving grace
then I know you are in a better place
there is one thing that I really dread
to see you so long down sick in bed
hope you know we were holding your hand
your soul left the body headed to promised land
sweet heart there can not ever be
a lady that meant so much to me
am here at the computer all alone
hoping you are at God's great throne
Lord please let my mind be free
to tell others what she meant to me
now help me finish this with tears
about a Lady you loaned me for years
and Lord what ever I say or do
please take extra good care of her too
and when I leave this life for good
let her meet me first. if she could
Lord you know I cried about all through
making this poem of my Wife and You
Bill Tingen 8/19/11."



Farewell William (Bill) Tingen - 101st Airborne - Jean Jacobson - 02-19-2015



What a loss for all of us here - both of them!



Farewell William (Bill) Tingen - 101st Airborne - Walt's Daughter - 02-19-2015

Thanks for taking the time to post this morning, Jean.

Farewell William (Bill) Tingen - 101st Airborne - CaptO - 02-20-2015

Sorry to see we have lost another WWII vet. Of course it happens every day across the globe, but it is brought home when you read something like this. I'm glad to have reminders like this because it reinforces the idea that every death has its own story and people who it affects. The poem does that better than anything - it is a window into what he felt for the last 3+ years. May they both rest in peace in the grace of God.

Farewell William (Bill) Tingen - 101st Airborne - Walt's Daughter - 02-24-2015

I know I can always count on you too, to respond and reflect about our vets.