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284th and 291st - cincinnatikid - 12-14-2014

There has been some preliminary talk of combining the reunions of the 284th and the 291st! The first joint reunion will most likely be the summer of 2016 in the Boston area. More details coming as they become known!


The reason for this early post is to put the offer out there in case any other Engineer Battalions want to join in! The groups are getting smaller so banding together could be beneficial to many of us.

284th and 291st - Walt's Daughter - 12-14-2014

Amen to that. I have talked about that too, here on the forum. I think it's a wonderful idea, Mikel.

284th and 291st - colinhotham - 12-15-2014

This may well be the answer to the future. It will be interesting to know how others feel about it for our reunion M1?

Colin. (Honourary Seahorse)

284th and 291st - Walt's Daughter - 12-15-2014

Dear Honorary Seahorse (I like that):


Yes, as it comes down the line, I think it will be the only viable thing to do. I think it will help keep the spirit of the engineers alive and foster the history of WWII engineers as a whole.It would be a wonderful way to meet more people (many of them from our forum) and honor these men.


As I've stated before, a VI Corps reunion (or facsimile thereof) would be so much fun.



A Seahorse Sweetheart

284th and 291st - colinhotham - 12-15-2014

Dear Seahorse Sweetheart, (Perfect)


It would be interesting to know what our 3 Musketeers think of this, especially Aramis of Avalon?



284th and 291st - Walt's Daughter - 12-15-2014

Aramis of Avalon. Oh I really love this one! Well, I'm sure while they are still alive, they probably would love to stick to their unit (along with the 540th), but you never know. However once the inevitable happens (let's not discuss that right now), then it's up to all of us to keep this going.


284th and 291st - colinhotham - 12-15-2014

I hope John with his love of history will allow me my little dig! You are right, this is all for the future and we dont need to think of it. Soon we will be concentrating on 2015!



Colin :clappin2: