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Happy thanksgiving day !! - sixgun - 11-27-2014

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends :heartpump:


Happy thanksgiving day !! - colinhotham - 11-27-2014

I'll add my best wishes to Vee's message. May you all have a great Thanksgiving.


Colin :smwave:

Happy thanksgiving day !! - Walt's Daughter - 11-27-2014

And mine too! Happy Thanksgiving to our more than 1000 members and all our other readers! I feel very blessed to know all of you!

Happy thanksgiving day !! - CaptO - 11-30-2014

My family had a good Thanksgiving out at Okuma Beach which is a military resort on Okinawa. It was the first time I ate my entire Thanksgiving meal (we had a nice buffet at the restaurant there) with chopsticks!! They had some American fare there, but I preferred the asian. The lumpia was very good!!



Happy thanksgiving day !! - Walt's Daughter - 12-01-2014

Happy to hear you had such a great celebration. Pretty soon, you will be having one in the states...