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Utah Beach Normandy 1944 - sixgun - 09-27-2014

Jean , I found this video for you !! at the beginning of the video we see medics may be that one of them and your dad !!
with all my affection Vee

Utah Beach Normandy 1944 - Jean Jacobson - 09-28-2014

Vee, that is so sweet of you to post that video, knowing my special interest in Utah Beach.


I never asked my Dad enough detailed questions, and the reason for that was it was not a topic he was eager to discuss. These films have made me wonder if he went in with a whole group of medics or like in the picture he was mixed with the Infantry men. There is a medic that I have been in touch with, from a different regiment, and if I can still get in touch with him, and it seems appropriate, I will ask how he came onto Utah Beach and see what else I can get him to talk about.


Someday I will try to slow the video down and see if I can see any patches on uniforms, faces, etc. While I feel certain that was not my Dad's boat, maybe others can recognize someone they know.


I am forwarding that film and have already forwarded your other film to some folks.


Thank You So Much!