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What I Miss on the Forum - Walt's Daughter - 05-31-2014

I hate to admit this, but since there is very little interaction on our forum anymore, I've been frequenting another WWII forum, just for some banter back and forth and the exchange of ideas about various topics of WWII.


For instance, we are currently talking about the History's Channel's, The World Wars, which just finished airing this past week. I tried to get something going here, but...


If you look around the forum and visit some of the old posts from past years, you will see that we had quite an active exchange between the members and it wasn't uncommon for several of us to be engaged in several topics at the same time. Sometimes we'd talk about WWII movies and books, or simple gab away and tell each other what was going on in our lives. I guess I just miss the camaraderie.


Don't get me wrong, the forum is still a great place and we are helping so many people put puzzle pieces back together, but there's no "free-range" of ideas anymore, and that is what I miss.


Ah just saying, just reminiscing...


:kermit: :kermit: :kermit:

What I Miss on the Forum - colinhotham - 05-31-2014

Yes Marion it is rather sad and just recently I have had a lack of response when replying to posts. Of course there is no answer to it, all websites suffer from this from time to time, especially those with specialist interest. I also am a member of another WWII website where there is a lot of interaction, but I will never stop visiting here each day. It has put me in touch with so many special people !!



What I Miss on the Forum - Walt's Daughter - 05-31-2014

Nice to hear from you. Yes, I have noticed that too. I'm not the only one who is not getting any replies. It's seems to have faded off into the distance.


I guess I get a little jealous when I go to other forums and see all the interactions. I ask myself, gee, where are all my ol' peeps? That is why I often post WWII items on Facebook, because more than likely, people will join in and offer their opinions, etc. It is great to hear from people and share thoughts and ideas.


:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

What I Miss on the Forum - Christoph - 06-02-2014

I think it's because of the very very special subject of this Forum. I'm afraid most users only come here for information about the WWII combat engineers (as I did) but don't come back when they got what they wanted. But this special subject is the strong point of the forum and should not be watered down imho. And time goes by, it seems now there are more grandchildren than children or veterans here, and they are on Facebook... for items not on topic here. I'm looking in here nearly every day as Colin does and I'm willing to admit that I nearly only post when I have a question or answer.


Facebook: How could I add you as friend? No such button on your board there.



What I Miss on the Forum - CaptO - 06-02-2014

Hey M1, yes, I miss the banter, too. It seemed back in those heady days of 2007 when I first joined (can hardly believe it's been that long, by the way) it seems there was a lot of back and forth. Over the years it seems even a lot of the regulars drifted away. I think the majority of people who post are on this particular thread. It would be nice to see some more back and forth. >sigh<!!

What I Miss on the Forum - Walt's Daughter - 06-05-2014

Ya, you remember how it was. That was fun. A great exchange of ideas and some of them even got testy from time to time. :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12: It was fun.


Christoph, yes you are right too, for it is a SPECIALTY forum and that may be part of it. People come and go and get their info and then...

What I Miss on the Forum - asabraham - 06-07-2014

Marion, is there a forum started yet on the Engineers that served in the Communications Zone of the ETO? My father transferred from the 342nd Engineers GS Rgmt to ADSEC...the Advance Section/Communication Zone and was a transportation officer. Thank you! Austin

What I Miss on the Forum - Walt's Daughter - 06-08-2014

Oh, please feel free to start a new topic on this in the Engineers section of the forum. Would love to hear what you have and what others may have. Many thanks.