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The History Channel's "The World Wars - Walt's Daughter - 05-30-2014

Did anyone watch the History Channel's "The World Wars"? While it started off great, it was sorely lacking by the last episode. They had so many blatant errors that it made Lee and I cringe. Anyone with decent knowledge of WWII, would have balked. The worst one was how they portrayed Italy during the war. They actually made it sound like Italy was won in 1943 and that George Patton was responsible for that. Uh duh, George Patton never fought in Italy, He was the American General in Sicily.



Many times they got the clothing and props wrong too. Really! One was the uniforms shown while MacArthur was in the underground bunk in the Philippines. They should have shown the guys with earlier doughboy helmets, etc, It was simply sloppy.


The worst offender was one my hubby caught immediately. They actually showed a modern ship with missile capability when talking about the Japanese navy. Lee laughed and stated that if the Japanese had one of these during the war, it would have been over a hell of lot sooner with them winning hands down. Good grief! What, there isn't any WWII footage or photos from the war?? How about even computer graphics buddies? You do have that at your disposal, don't you.


All we can say is shame on the producers and writers. Way too many errors and this gets on TV and I can't even get anyone to look at my documentary. I did mine in house with an extremely low budget and I got my facts right. You didn't do your homework.

The History Channel's "The World Wars - CaptO - 06-02-2014

My wife and I watched the first night and have the other two recorded (how long will it take me to stop wanting to say "taped"??) We will still watch them, but I will be on the lookout now!!


Glad you got your facts right, M!!!!

The History Channel's "The World Wars - Walt's Daughter - 06-05-2014

Oh it's still worthwhile, for I do like the early history of Hitler, Churchill, etc. Now I am sure you will be on the lookout for boo-boo's! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Ya, "taped". We still do that too!