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Definition? KIA-SFW - Sylsam - 04-09-2014

On a death form what does the term KIA-SFW mean?


Definition? KIA-SFW - Walt's Daughter - 04-10-2014

Well we have several documents displaying acronyms and their meanings on the forum, but not one of them had an SFW. However, upon research this morning, I do believe I know what it means:


Suffered Fatal Wound


For many of the guys who were KIA had ones like this


name - KIA-SFW head

name - KIA-SFW chest


I will do a little more digging, but that would make perfect sense. Anyway, that's my educated guess this morning...

Definition? KIA-SFW - Christoph - 04-13-2014

I also/only found

Shell Fragment wound



Definition? KIA-SFW - Walt's Daughter - 04-13-2014

Ah,that would make sense too.

Definition? KIA-SFW - Steve0104 - 04-14-2014

Yes it does makes sense. Somewhere out there we'll find some kind of validation or documentation about it.

Definition? KIA-SFW - Walt's Daughter - 04-14-2014

We are not giving up. :pdt12:


I was reading through a letter on my buddy's website (since deceased) and a guy had written to him about his grandfather. He wanted to know:


"...The listing on cause of death is S.F.W. Entire body. I think sfw is shell,fragment,wounds?..."


So your answer must be right, because it fits in perfectly. Shell fragment wounds.

Definition? KIA-SFW - CaptO - 04-17-2014

Found this from Purple Heart .org: http://www.purplehea...ndout 1, VA.pdf


It mentions Shell Fragment Wounds and uses 'SFW' later, although they don't directly tie the two together (i.e. saying "shell fragment wounds [sFW]")


This is from the VA regarding a hearing that they had on an individual from Vietnam:


It does directly tie the acronym to the term, "Regional Office (RO) that had denied increased evaluations for the veteran’s service connected shell fragment wound (SFW) residuals."


"Shell Fragment Wounds" wins!

Definition? KIA-SFW - Walt's Daughter - 04-18-2014

YEAH! Case solved. Two or THREE heads are better than one! Thanks Major! :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12: (three heads)

Definition? KIA-SFW - Steve0104 - 04-18-2014

Thanks everyone for the help