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Update - Wendy - 10-22-2013

I`m still recovering from my 4th heart attack and have continuing upper resperatory problems. There`s been more bad days than good days and the colder weather isnt helping. Spending most of of my time on delayed major remodeling project that needs to be finished before the roof gets reshingled. So i`m still here, still breathin (sorta) & will try to get back doing research in the near future.


Update - Christoph - 10-22-2013

Good to be hearing from you, get weell soon!



Update - Walt's Daughter - 10-22-2013

OMG! Larry, Larry, Larry, so disheartened to hear this. I thought something wasn't right. It was TOO long and it's not like you to disappear for that long of a period. But man, am I glad to hear from you.


Take care dear friend. The house will get done eventually - they always do, but you need to take care of yourself.


Please keep us posted on your health. We love ya!!



Update - CaptO - 10-22-2013

Get well soon, Larry!!