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Next of Kin? - Jim Webb - 02-27-2013

Do VA cemetery's keep next of Kin info?

Next of Kin? - SonofaMP - 03-04-2013

Do you mean the at the National Cemeteries here in the US., or overseas? They should have that info on a burial card or file of the interment. I dont know if they give out that info or not what the rules are for it. I`d suggust call or write the cemetery directly and ask.


There is some contact info at:

Next of Kin? - 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn. - 03-04-2013

National Cemeteries here in the States. I am going to lay flowers on the grave of a veterans friend from the war on his behalf. I want to contact his family.

Next of Kin? - SonofaMP - 03-05-2013

Every National Cemetery has an Administration building onsite, just stop in & ask.