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Online Source - Jim Webb - 02-06-2013

I found this source a while back. I love it when I can't get to the archives. Search takes a bit to get used too, and there is a lot here. It may take some time to get what your looking for because of that. I still think its great none the less. Here is something related to the 5th Army.


The whole series is on the site.



Online Source - Walt's Daughter - 02-08-2013

Thanks for the superb link. Now if I can only find some time to read it all. :pdt12:

Online Source - 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn. - 02-09-2013

No problem. Yea, there is a lot here. You can filter just WWII things by just checking the "WWII OPERATIONAL DOCUMENTS" on the left hand side of the screen.