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Farewell Charles Sincavage - 157th Engineer - Walt's Daughter - 02-05-2013

Hi Marion,


My name is Rebecca Sincavage. I'm the granddaughter of Charles Sincavage who served in the 157th Combat Engineers and was also taken POW. Kathy Hemard had been in contact with my grandfather in the past and our local newspaper actually did a write up on the information she shared with him. I believe she referenced this article in one of her comments on your forum. I'm writing you because my grandfather passed away last week. My family and I have always been interested in his military history and we just came across some military photos and documents he had tucked away. During his lifetime, it was always very difficult for him to talk about his time in the war and the stories he shared with us were limited, but the information we have gained either through his stories or these documents are very precious to us. I was wondering if you had any additional information or documents you'd mind sharing and also if you have a contact email for Kathy. If able, I'd be interested in any of the information she had shared with my grandfather previously.


Thank you,




Dear Rebecca: Our condolences on your loss. I plan on sharing your letter with the members of my 157th Email list, so everyone can keep in touch. Coincidentally, I also heard from two other 157th family members within the last couple of weeks. Interesting.

Farewell Charles Sincavage - 157th Engineer - Walt's Daughter - 02-05-2013



My name is Christopher Kweder and I could really use some help. My grandfather, Charles Sincavage, recently passed away and I am trying to piece some of his military history together. I was wondering if you could help my identify any patches, insignia or symbols that he would have worn on his uniform during WWII. I copied two links to the bottom of this email. The first is to a POW archive from when he was held in Stalag 13c Hammelburg Om Main Bavaria 50. The second link is a copy of his obituary from a local newspaper.


Myself, along with my brothers and cousin are trying to gather as much information as we can so compile a scrap book for my family.


Thank you for your help or suggestions on where else to look.


God Bless.

Chris Kweder