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Farewell Mitch Kaidy - 87th Infantry Division - Walt's Daughter - 01-22-2013

I talked with Mitch Kaidy on several occasions via email and letters and was always pleased when he shared his insights on the 87th Infantry Division.


Here is a note sent to Jim Hennessey of the 87th:




This is a copy of the eulogy that I am giving at Mitch Kaidy's service tomorrow afternoon.



Attached is the eulogy from Jack


Farewell Mitch Kaidy - 87th Infantry Division - Walt's Daughter - 01-28-2013



Mitch Kaidy’s service went off very well yesterday. There was a large crowd, probably close to 200 ---- looked like many more than the family expected. Lucky it was one of those expandable rooms so the just moved a wall to double the space. I think that the dozen or so VBOB men, Joe and Terry Roback were the only ones there that didn’t have an ACLU card in their pocket. There were labor leaders, ACLU people, Supervisor of Brighton, Civil liberties, Middle East Peace, Union people, Democrat & Chronicle, Peace and Justice, even a leftist piano player. Lots of beards and long hair.

The first few speakers extolled his work on various leftist causes. When I got up the first thing I said was that I was a registered Republican and I felt like a square wheel in this group. My talk was very well received and several told me that it was the best eulogy they had ever heard. I talked with Jean and Mark, his son, before the ceremony and they agreed to allow me to play taps. (Mitch often told me that the family is very anti-military, no flag ceremony or rifle salute) After my talk, “when the thunderous applause had died down”, I asked the veterans to stand --- and quite a few in addition to our VBOB did ---- and I said that TAPS was a final farewell to a veteran and asked them to salute as taps was played.

The only thing that bothered me was the complete absence of any religious reference. Mitch told me that he was Lebanese Christian. The Church was a Unitarian Church and I believe that they allow almost anyone. I guess it bothered me because I work on funerals at Holy Cross Church down in Charlotte, almost every week, sometimes several a week. Many times I do the committal service at the cemetery because of the shortage of Priests. The only religious reference yesterday was when I ended my talk I said “God bless you Mitch and may God bless America.

For you Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge people: I just got word that Joe Tedesco died this morning. He will be at Falvo’s funeral home sometime next week. Check the paper.

I will have an op-ed in the tomorrow morning Democrat & Chronicle about Mitch. Check it out. It is basically a condensed version of yesterday’s eulogy. They kept cutting me down. They only allow 400 words in an op-ed. I got it down to 500 from about 1500, and they agreed to let it go.