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Interview with Holly Rees, WWII veteran - Military Author Radio - Walt's Daughter - 11-09-2012


NOVEMBER 11th, 2012 GUEST:




Military Author Radio, with Director Dr. Tom Gauthier and Dari Bradley CEO of Patriot Media, Incorporated, are proud to continue to promote Military Authors in support of the Military Author Industrial Complex. We’re glad to have Dr. Gauthier back on this special Veterans Day Program, and together, we are honored to host Mr. Holly Rees, a WWII Veteran as our guest. There are not many WWII Veterans left, less are those who’ve been wounded in combat. Be sure to join us for a fascinating program as we salute our nations Veterans on Military Author Radio.


Welcome to Military Author Radio, HOLLY and LANE REES!


Holly Rees is a WWII Veteran of the Army of the United States, a combat soldier who served in Okinawa. He is also the author of the soon to be published book: Three Flags and Two Brothers: To War and Back. Not owning a computer, nor really even wanting to, Holly wrote his book in longhand, and now his hand written autobiography is being generously transcribed by his Publisher at Lone Star Publishing and should be ready by Nov. 30 2012. Within Holly’s detailed account he includes stories and fascinating photos, along with information about his brother Gil Rees, and his US Navy combat experienced. Rees provides an impressive log of combat ships, weapons, ammunition, and real life experiences.


Holly states in his book: ‘Many of my brothers in arms never made it back or have died in the 67 years since, and can never record their experiences. Therefore, I feel a solemn obligation to speak for them as well as tell my own story. I have been urged by several people to write this account, especially Dr. Donald Miller and my son, Lane Rees.


I don’t think of myself as a “hero” (even though I served with many that I think were) and certainly not a military historian, but I have had experiences that no one else has had. If I don’t write about them, no one else can or will.


It is a miracle that the war process can take young, good, ordinary men out of society and transform them (us!) into such efficient killing machines. Another miracle is that society can integrate the survivors back as good, ordinary, productive people. The greatest miracle is that anyone could survive the living hell of the carnage of war. But we did, and this, then, is our story.’


Holly’s son, Lane Rees, was an early advisor for Patriot Media, Incorporated and we are delighted to host him on our program with his father. A bit about Mr. Lane Rees: Lane is on the Texas A&M University International Board (his alma mater). After graduating from Stephen F. Austin High School in Bryan, Texas, he earned a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s in educational administration from Texas A&M University. He worked for ARCO Alaska for 12 years in human resources, then ARCO International and now owns Human Resources Solutions and lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


We are proud to continue our series Spotlight on the Medal of Honor with Dr. Tom Gauthier.


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