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697th Newsletter - Reunion 2013 - Walt's Daughter - 10-07-2012

Hi all:


In an attempt to let everyone know about the reunion in 2013, I have checked out my e-mail addresses for those who are not on the "putr platoon" or "mail out" list. Please accept my apology if you are not happy with this action.


At present we have 57 on the "putr platoon" list (active, getting the newsletter), 86 on the "mail out" list (no computer), and 19 on the "other" list. If you would like to get the newsletter please contact me.


If you are getting this, then you are on the "other" list. You are part of the pipeline story in some way! Please come to the reunion if you would like. The reunion will be in Branson, Missouri from the 15th to the 19th of May, 2013. All are welcome!!


Thank you for your time. tom petty 697th reunion committee member


PS find attached the plans for next years reunion.

Official ANNOUNCEMENT - Reunion 2013.pdf