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Campaign Stars - Brenda - 04-23-2012

Are campaign stars always worn on both the medal and ribbon bar or just one?




Campaign Stars - Walt's Daughter - 04-23-2012

They are worn on the ribbon bar. For example if you see three bronze stars:

  • They are "ribbon devices" for participation in major campaigns
  • The three stars on an ETO ribbon means a veteran served in 3 campaigns in the European Theater of Operations. If a vet was in more than 5 campaigns - the bronze stars would've been replaced by one silver star.

Campaign Stars - Dan - 04-23-2012

That's what I thought. So why do all the medals on Ebay have them on both the medal and ribbon bar? I knew I'd get the right answer here. Thanks again.

Campaign Stars - Walt's Daughter - 04-25-2012

I should have made that more clear. The Bronze Campaign Stars can be worn on the ribbon of the actual medal too. See this example.