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My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-06-2012

Sorry haven't been around this week, but have been down and out with a bad cold. Just starting to feel better this morning... Now I just have to play catch-up once more. :blush:

My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-08-2012

Just got an update on lee's brother and it's not good. They are keeping him comfortable but he won't be coming home. I'm simply feeling angry right now. I'm sure many of you can empathize with how I feel. All I can say right now is, this sucks.


Thanks for letting me get this off my chest....


Love to all...

My brother-in-law's passing... - Dogdaddy - 01-08-2012

I haven't been around much for the past few months either and I sympatize with you M1. My poor sister had barely finished her radiation treatments (Breast Cancer) this Fall before becoming ill with Shingles, a very painful condition she is still suffering with for going on 2 months now. Her husband Don has Parkinson's disease so she already had her hands full taking care of him before she became ill herself. Our 84 year old Mother has been in a nursing home for the past year since her condition requires 24-7 care. We learned a week before Christmas that she now has stage 4 Kidney Disease. That leaves me as the healthiest remaining family member and I use a TENS UNIT to manage the Chronic Pain I've had in my back for over 12 years now. Despite all this we had one of the best Christmases I can remember in years because we are now closer to each other in spirit than we have ever been . The past year's troubles have made us realize how much we really do love each other as our mortality becomes so apparent to each of us. Some day I hope to learn from God the reasons why my life has unfolded in the way it has, but I'm not in a hurry for that debriefing.



Dogdaddy :huggybears:

My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-08-2012

Oh trust me I understand. Love. Your last couple sentences. Thanks for the virtual hug. I really need it today, more than ever. Doesn't help to be sick with a cold, for it makes me feel even worse...

My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-08-2012

God give us the strength this morning. It's going to be a very long day. :( :(

My brother-in-law's passing... - CaptO - 01-09-2012

Hope all goes well for you both and your families!

My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-10-2012

At a cousins house right now. Hopefully will get some much needed sleep tonight. Getting ready to crash. We are on call. If nothing happens during the night, will head back to hospital in morning.


Good night all and thanks!

My brother-in-law's passing... - Walt's Daughter - 01-11-2012

Mark passed away yesterday afternoon. He was a wonderful man and great friend. It's hard to imagine life without him.


Here's three of my favorite people in the world. This was taken on our trip to Gettysburg a few months ago. So glad we got to make this trip.


Mark, Lee and Anne


My brother-in-law's passing... - verow - 01-11-2012

Marion..I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I think of you,Lee and Anne here in France Love Vee

My brother-in-law's passing... - CaptO - 01-11-2012

Marion, sorry to hear about it. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.