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“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - Walt's Daughter - 10-20-2011

Here is the information on the Grand Rapids vets day for 2011. AKA “U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party”


Please pass down the line.


I am looking forward to this. I have never met a “former Marine” yet.


Semper Fi



Robert P. Walsh


“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - CaptO - 10-22-2011

Very cool. I went to the Marine Corps Network Operations Center (basically the central heart of the USMC computer networks) on Friday as a part of my class I'm doing here. It is named Code Talker Hall and has some very interesting pictures and artifacts.

“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - Walt's Daughter - 10-23-2011

Glad you enjoyed the memo. The class sounds very cool at Code Talker Hall!

“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - verow - 11-10-2011

Dear Todd ,


I wish you a Happy 236th Birthday on Nov. 10. Semper Fidelis and OohRAH!!



From France with all my love



“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - Walt's Daughter - 11-11-2011

Here's something sent to me by my Marine Corps buddy, Rick Vogtmann. Go Daddy's tribute to the Marines. Semper Fi!

“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - Dogdaddy - 11-12-2011

I have a (true)short story that I think might cause Major Todd to smile. I was at the supermarket yesterday shopping for groceries when I passed a woman with her toddler riding in her shopping cart. I didn't hear all that her child had said, but I heard him talking about his Daddy, whom he referred to as "a soldier." Mom quickly answered him, saying " Your Daddy is not a soldier...he's a Marine!"


Happy Birthday USMC! :happybirthday3:

“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - CaptO - 11-13-2011

Thanks, Vee! I appreciate it. I have been pretty busy the last couple of days so I haven't been on the computer much. Thanks for thinking about me. Vicki and I went to the USMC ball and had a good time. We've been to better balls, but it was good to get out for an evening.


DD. Thanks for the story! I did laugh!

“U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Party - Walt's Daughter - 11-14-2011

We had a post going the other day, so I am merging this one with the one I started.


BTW Dogdaddy, that was a a cute story!