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EYEWITNESS ON OMAHA BEACH - afc7883 - 06-12-2011

I found a signed copy of this book on ebay and read it cover to cover the day it arrived. It's not a new book, and I imagine some of you have read it, but it was new to me. I have been familiar with Hal Baumgarten's D-Day story for many years now, as he is included in most every documentary about D-Day that's ever been made, most recently "Surviving D-Day" on The History Channel. When he talks about his fallen comrades he speaks of each man respectfully by name and also what city and state they came from, which makes each man, each loss more personal. The book is only 112 pages and includes about a dozen or so pages of photographs, but it is the most interesting first-hand account I have ever read by a man who landed with the first wave on Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944. I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn't already read it! :pdt34:



EYEWITNESS ON OMAHA BEACH - Walt's Daughter - 06-13-2011

I haven't read it, so it's new to me too. Sounds like an excellent personal account. Thanks for turning us onto this.

EYEWITNESS ON OMAHA BEACH - Jeeper704 - 06-13-2011

A very interesting book to read indeed!

I saw "Surviving D-Day" too and it is a very moving documentary to watch.

If you get the chance, watch it or read the book.





EYEWITNESS ON OMAHA BEACH - Dogdaddy - 06-13-2011

It really is an incredible story. This man was wounded FIVE TMES, including a horrific shrapnel wound to his face..... yet he stayed in the battle for 13 hours and killed several Germans with an M-1 Garand he borrowed after his own M1 was struck by a MG42 round. :machinegun: