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Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered... - Walt's Daughter - 02-24-2011

Hero's unwelcome

Wounded Iraq vet jeered at Columbia


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I already posted my feeling about this on Facebook this morning, but wanted to talk about it here too. These were my comments:


What this shows Carolyn is the maturity level (well lack of), from those students. They fail to separate the WAR from the soldiers who fight it. Same thing happened during the Vietnam War. I hated that war vehemently, but it was the war I protested; I had nothing but respect for the men who fought.


This just makes me fume. Here are a few kids who have no idea how the real world runs, as they sit in their cozy surroundings and ATTACK our fighting men and women. Yes, as I've stated over and over; you do have the right to protest, but if you are going to do so, know your facts. When you wield your signs and show only your ignorance, you do nothing to help your cause. It's an utter embarrassment.


Trust me, if we are attacked in America again, they will be the first ones yelling for help and protection from our armed forces.



Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered... - CaptO - 02-24-2011

It's amazing how intolerant these "open minded" students are. There's no attempt at dialogue, just jeers and name calling. The word that comes to mind. . .Ignorance. They don't think there is anyone out there wanting to kill them? Cushy little namby-pamby college students are the exact kind of wussiness Islamic Jihadist despise. I can assure you they would have more respect for your average soldier or Marine. They can whistle their political correctness tune past the graveyard all they want, but they will soon see when more people die. Of course you would think this would have happened already with the preponderance of evidence already out there:

Lockerby bombing

'83 US embassy bombing

'83 Beruit Bombing of the Marine Barracks

'98 US embassy bombing

World trade center attack I

World trade center destruction



Kobar towers

DC Sniper

Fort Hood


Bali night club bombing

2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis

7/7 bombings




Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered... - Walt's Daughter - 02-24-2011

As Marion so politely decrees, "Please step to the head of the slappin' line!" Turns my insides as I know it does yours too.

Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered... - Caryl-280ECB - 02-24-2011

I forgot how to read...nevermind!

Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered... - Clementine - 02-28-2011

One of my first thoughts was that maybe all of the lessons we should have learned in Vietnam are not so easily taught, especially when we are so spoiled. I always say it is a testament to those who have fought for us that we are able to take the rights we have in this country for granted. I just can't figure out why otherwise intelligent people can't seem to figure it out.