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US Army - symbols & insignia - Walt's Daughter - 02-23-2011

We've had discussions in the past about shoulder patches, etc. 

Had to update this post since the last links I provided years ago, are no longer viable.


Home page for their site is:

and you can find all sorts of interesting tidbits.






US Army - symbols & insignia - CaptO - 02-23-2011

Here is something that I didn't see in those sites, the new (even newer than the blue-gray digi patterned ACUs) cammo uniform - the Multicam pattern.




I guess someone realized that instead of blending in in every situation, the ACU blended in to almost nothing. Here are some sites with info on it:

Here is a comparison of the patterns from one of those sites:





US Army - symbols & insignia - Walt's Daughter - 02-23-2011

Thanks for that. It's great when we all pitch in.