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Print a windows directory - Walt's Daughter - 08-06-2010

The only thing still missing from the great windows features... This is a free program which allows you to print a directory list. Works great and is simple to use. I just used it to print a list of all the songs in my MP3 folder for the music site. YES!




Print a windows directory - Christoph - 04-06-2012

It is still coming with windows, I know it since working with DOS:

Open a command prompt (e.g. C:\window\system32/cmd.exe), type

dir /s [path] > [anotherpath\]filename.txt


;-) Christoph

Print a windows directory - Walt's Daughter - 04-07-2012

Very true, but most people do not feel comfortable working with DOS commands, except maybe for us "techies". :pdt12:


There is no way to simply do this from a window, and after all this time, I still find this inexcusable on the part of Microsoft. They really need to get with the "program". Come on MS! :pdt: