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Hello......... - ricklind - 05-24-2010

post-256-1274691109_thumb.gifHi Everyone, Been here all the time just have not posted much.

'Marions Boys ' are starting the new 2010-2011 season, will post some videos and photos today. Getting ready for our holiday trip to the 'Big Apple', on June 2nd will miss out on Normandy, will miss seeing Vee and her wonderful family, but Granny, Magic and I are going to Holland and Bastogne in Nov. A Dutch family we met in Normandy have invited us over. Take cover...!!! Moose is about to start posting....

Thanks Jim, you're a real buddy..



Hello......... - verow - 05-24-2010

Sad not to see you Sir Moose , Granny, Magic in Normandy :tearyeyed: .

This year , I will not have my kiss of my GI' S preferred :lol:

But , perhaps we will see us in bastogne or Holland in Nov :wave2: .


Very fondly ,


Vee :love7:

Hello......... - Walt's Daughter - 05-24-2010

Ah, good to hear from you and know that all is well. YEAH! Sounds like you have a couple of great trips planned. That is just awesome.


Look forward to seeing the new posts.




Hello......... - Dogdaddy - 05-24-2010

Hello Moose!

Glad to "see you" here again Buddy! Did you receive the photos I sent from the May 9th V-E day reenactment in Ukraine? They were courtesy of my friend Max Stolyarov, who's grandfather's (Nickolai Tarasovich) WWII story is viewable online at The Russian Battlefield website. Max told me that he opened his window on May 9th and had to rub his eyes in disbelief when a 7ft. German dressed in SS camo walked by his place! He lives close to Dnepropetrovsk, which was under nazi occupation during the was the rest of Ukraine.


Jim (DD)

Hello......... - CaptO - 05-25-2010

Hey, Moose! Glad to see you hangin' around again!