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Help with Bing Crosby Lyrics - Walt's Daughter - 11-13-2009

Hi Marion,


My wife just passed your website link to me. Wow! What a wonderful gift

you have given to those of us who remember and love these songs. Also to

those, like us, who still play and sing them. I can tell it's going to

be a top-of-my-list favorite. And a resource I will really enjoy

visiting and using.


When I have some free time I will try to send you a few of your missing

lyrics. I have a practically photographic memory for most songs written

before 1965. And quite a few written afterwards, although when melodies

and harmonics changed (for the worse) and I couldn't "hear" a tune or

its chords to play by ear, the songs didn't stick in place.


By some chance, do you have or can you find a song recorded (I believe)

by Bing Crosby and Evelyn Knight called "How It Lies, How It Lies, How

It Lies"? It's from the 40s but I think it was post WW2. I've been

trying to find the recording for years and years. It's one of the songs

I play on my tenor banjo. (I mostly play piano, sometimes professionally

though mostly for my own pleasure, but have figured out 5 or 6 other

instruments.) If you can get your hands on it, perhaps you could add it

to your play-list. And let me know!


Thanks again for your wonderful website and for all the marvelous music

on it.



Stephen Kravette, Writer/ND/Musician.

Tucson, AZ

Help with Bing Crosby Lyrics - Walt's Daughter - 11-14-2009

Thanks Jim Hennessey:

Help with Bing Crosby Lyrics - Walt's Daughter - 11-15-2009

Once again thanks to Jim...