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Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - Walt's Daughter - 07-20-2009

Hmmm, you are asking yourself...What does The Korean War have to do with the TV show, Ice Road Truckers? Well I will give you the answer!


I was watching an episode this weekend, and there is a place on the road called, Avalanche Hill (or something to that affect). They use a Korean War recoiless gun with 8 pound shells, to shoot into the treacherous snow banks, thus releasing the snow in the hope that it won't come crashing down on the drivers.


They showed them doing it and wow, it looked so cool! BOOOM!

Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - Dogdaddy - 07-21-2009

Hello M1-

Just a note on that subject. That's the same thing they use for avalanche prevention right here in Wahington state, which is divided east/west by the Cascade Mtn. range. I've never seen it, but have heard it before while driving across Snoqualamie Pass in Wintertime.

Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - Walt's Daughter - 07-21-2009

That's got to get your attention! :armata_PDT_01:

Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - CaptO - 07-22-2009

I think I have seen an episode (or maybe that one) where people were using 105 to start avalanches. I admit it was pretty cool.


Of course what I think is that there should be less "Ice Road Truckers" and more, I don't know, history on the History Channel. "Axe Men"? "UFO Hunters"? Isn't that what The Discovery Channel is for?

Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - Walt's Daughter - 07-22-2009

AMEN brother, AMEN?


UFO's? What kind of b--s--t is that? We've been getting annoyed with their choice of programming, as of late. Ya, some of the stuff is really good, but does it belong on the HC? NO! In fact I'm going to write a letter and tell them how we feel.


I know they are trying to broaden their horizons, but why? The HC is for history freaks like you and I. I don't turn on the FOOD CHANNEL and expect to see WWII films? For God's sake!


Stick to history you guys! You do a good job; don't vary!

Ice Road Truckers and Korea???? - Jeeper704 - 12-31-2009

Ice Road Truckers is shown here too.

Amazing what they're doing.

Now they're showing the trips in Alaska (before that, it was in Canada they had the series).


My hat's off to them, and especially to that young lady.

She's doing a hell of a job.