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Normandy-Gettysburg Connection - civilwargal - 06-06-2009

At the American Cemetery in Normandy, there is a famous statue called "The Spirit of American Youth Rising"doc-101-72210.jpg

The sculptor is Don De Lue from New Jersey. He has a couple of monuments at Gettysburg including the Louisiana State Monument


She has been called the Angel of Death, but is probably St. Barbara, the patron St. of Artillerists. Notice the flaming orb in her hand.


Notice how the forms are similar: both are reaching upward to represent the spirit arising over difficulty. In the Gettysburg statue she is actually hovering over a dead soldier, the Normandy statue probably implies soldiers arising from their bodies.

Normandy-Gettysburg Connection - Walt's Daughter - 06-06-2009

Beautiful sculptures.


This is what I received from Al Kincer, 48th Engineer. This is also posted on his webpage on the main site.


Normandy-Gettysburg Connection - civilwargal - 06-06-2009

St Barbara must have loved men in uniform...both engineers and artillerists.. :heartpump: