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313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 01-20-2009

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To whom it may concern:

Was the 313th Engineer Combat Battalion part of the 540th Regiment? The reason I ask is because my grandfather was a member of the 313th battalion. He passed away before I was born and the only reason I know his battalion was due to a newspaper article regarding a promotion. His unit was assigned to the 88th Infantry Divison who has some of the same campaign credits, Rome-arno, Po Valley, and North Africa are just a few, and my family members seem to have little information regarding this matter. I want to honor his sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who served with him. Any information you may have is greatly appreciated. My email is (left off for privacy).




Dear Ben:

No they were not. The 540th was a simple two battalion regiment, the 1st and 2nd, later to become the 2832nd and 2833rd, respectively. They were known as a "bastard" unit, meaning they were never permanent part of a division, but rather struck out on their own, and functioned separately. Thought they were often times "attached" to other units, for battles and campaigns. They functioned directly under the 5th and 7th Armies and also VI Corps.

The 313th Engineer Bn was part of the 88th Infantry Division.

This site is still under construction (he's working on the engineer section), but I would contact the webmaster directly. - I just checked this in April 2018 and the site is NOT available. What a shame!

Well that should get you off to a good start. I look forward to hearing from you. You may want to look at my research section here:

I strongly suggest you contact Michael Brodhead, a friend, and one of the historians at the Army Corps of Engineers, Office of History.




313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 01-20-2009

Here's another link, provided to me by the 34th's historian, Patrick Skelly. Thanks Pat!

This link is gone. This is so sad!

313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 04-23-2018

Apologies to all. I was looking up info for someone new, and discovered that most of the links for this topic are no longer viable as of April 2018. I shall do more hunting and see what I can discover. What a rotten shame!

313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 04-23-2018

There is a book available. Go to this site and type in your area to see where a copy of the book is located nearest you.

Even better, just found this little gem. It's in PDF form. History - 313th Engineer Battalion! It's downloadable! 

313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 04-23-2018


Below is the DUI - Distinguished Unit Insignia for the 313th


313th Engineers - japruitt76 - 07-30-2018

I'd like to share some pictures from the 313th Engineering Combat Battalion from which my Grandfather J.L. Hix was a member in 1945-1946 He served as an Army Cook during his service and held the rank of Tec 4. The Gentleman in the picture with a child I do not know his name but he is with an orphan during a cookout the soldiers provided for them. This was noted on the back of the picture





313th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 07-31-2018

Thanks for sharing your photos. We sure appreciate your time.