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In tribute to our soldiers, these unsung heroes! - sixgun - 12-23-2008

In tribute to our soldiers, these unsung heroes!





Your alarm clock rings, you press the button and sleep another ten minutes; It will remain awake several days in a row.


* *

You take a hot shower to help you start your day off right; It will be days without running water.


* *


You complain of a headache and call in sick work;

It is shot while others are injured, it continues anyway.


* *

You put your jersey anti-war protest and does not support our troops

and join your friends at the brewery;

He continues to fight for your right to put this sweater.


* *


You make sure your cell phone is based;

It clings to the suspended cross with his dog tag.


* *


You hold all sorts of comments on your colleagues who are not with you;

He knows it will review perhaps never friends.


* *


You walk on the beach watching the pretty girls;

He walks the streets in search of insurgents or terrorists.


* *


You complain of oppressive heat that is outside;

It bears his combat gear and fears to remove his steel helmet even wiping his forehead.


* *


You're angry because you are used in class 5 minutes longer;

He comes to learn that remain two months.



You will dine with friends and you complain that there is an error with your order;

It will not have the opportunity to eat today.


* *


The woman will make your bed and your laundry;

It will bear the same clothes for weeks but will ensure that its weapons are always cleaned.


* *


You go to the barber to the mall;

. It can not brush their teeth today.


* *


You call your new conquest and agree to an appointment for this evening;

He patiently awaits the mail to see if he will receive a letter from his beloved.


* *


You do kiss and hug your tender half as each day;

It takes very strong feeling in his letters on its sweet fragrance.


* *


You are exasperated crying of a baby;

He receives a letter with pictures of his new baby and wondered if they meet one day.


* *


You criticize your government shouting loud and clear that war does nothing;

He sees the innocent tortured and killed by the people and remembers why he fights.


* *


You hear jokes about the war and you care about others like him;

He heard gunfire, bombs and screams of the wounded.




You do not see what the media want to show you;

He sees the bodies on the floor around him.


* *


Your parents ask you to go to a race at the supermarket, you do not go out;

It does exactly what is requested.


* *


You stay at home to watch TV;

It takes time it can to call or write home,

sleep and eat if he has more time.


* *


You lie in a soft bed with fluffy pillows and are comfortable

It goes down in an armored vehicle for a little shade for a nap some

minutes to be interrupted by gunfire.





There are only two forces that have offered to die for you: Jesus Christ and the soldier.


One died to save your soul, the other for your freedom.



In tribute to our soldiers, these unsung heroes! - ColBill - 12-23-2008



Thanks for this beautiful tribute to our soldiers who sacrifice so much .

I wish everyone in the USA could read it .It is so true how so many, especially our young people do not recognize the sacrifice of our soldiers .



In tribute to our soldiers, these unsung heroes! - Walt's Daughter - 12-23-2008

Vee, I am going to move this to the Veteran's Tributes section. That way it will stay. Anything posted here (shooting the breeze) will disappear after 30 days.

In tribute to our soldiers, these unsung heroes! - roque_riojas - 12-23-2008



just an old dogface WW11