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Alvin York - twobisquit - 09-28-2008

This is pretty amazing . They actually found the exact location of Sgt. York's charge. After 88 years, a group calling themselves the Sgt York Discovery Expedition found 19 of the 21 .45 ACP bullets that were fired. I remember watching the movie, on a Saturday afternoon, when I was about 8 or 10 years old, and have been a great admirer of the man ever since.


Here is the link

Alvin York - civilwargal - 10-01-2008

Thanks for posting this. I'd not seen this before. A few years ago I went to a lecture on the dig at the Little Bighorn and what the artifacts told them . I hope that this story makes it to the History Channel.

Alvin York - Walt's Daughter - 10-01-2008

88 years after... See, this gives impetus to never give up the fight. Look long and hard enough and voila! That is something!!!