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Tunes in the II MEF (Forward) G-6 - CaptO - 09-18-2008


I have always been one who puts a lot of importance on music. Playing trombone for a good chunk of my life also gave me an appreciation for jazz, big band, blues, and classical.


As such a connoisseur, I brought an MP3 player and speakers up to work (I work in a room with about 20 others) and I subject them to my music on a continuous basis. I just wanted to let you know that today I was subjecting them to the soundtrack to "the War" which has original recordings of WWII era big bands.


It wasn't quite the same equipment on which my grandfather would have listened to the same tunes, but it was neat to have that connection. To my knowledge, the others enjoyed it as well.


Just wanted to let you know.



Tunes in the II MEF (Forward) G-6 - Walt's Daughter - 09-18-2008

Good man! Make sure you tune in to (as I call it) WALT! Do you like that? Good call letters, Walt! Now broadcasting to you live from W-A-L-T FM! Whoo-hoo! We got mega-wattage baby!


For the neophytes -


I'm outta here. WALT'S Daughter....