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The 228th American Hospital. - colinhotham - 09-11-2008

I have been given a booklet on the 228th hospital built in 1943 at Haydon Park, nr Sherborne in the county of

Dorset UK.

It started operating from September 18th 1943

The author is a lady who served there as a civillian shorthand typist at the headquarters.

The CO was Col Charles B. Kendall and many other US servicemen are mentioned and pictured in the booklet.

The hospital closed in 1945 and the equipment and medical supplies were distributed to local civillian hospitals.


Colin. :tank:

The 228th American Hospital. - Walt's Daughter - 09-11-2008

There's a unique piece of history!

The 228th American Hospital. - colinhotham - 10-12-2010

I'm returning to this subject as I have found more information on the construction by US Engineers of this hospital in 1943. I am particularly interested in the construction of a road that was needed to facilitate the movement of large US Army vehicles from the port of Weymouth to the hospital at Sherborne. In the 1940s many UK roads were still in the horse and cart era and it was realised that ambulances need a fast good passage, not the winding country road that wends it's way through Cerne Abbas in Dorset. A new road was built over the Giant's Head (a chalk monument built into the ground) where only a track existed. Long and straight I have hitchhiked along it many times in my early RAF service!

Are there any US Army Engineers that were involved in the above?

Marion it is interesting that our 'Bible' mentions road construction in many places but not the UK?


The 228th American Hospital. - Walt's Daughter - 10-13-2010

Yes, it is interesting that is does not mention the UK. Let's hope we can find someone who know more about this road in England.

The 228th American Hospital. - chambers - 10-20-2010

Brian Guy from the wbg forum lives in Dorset. He's a WWII Vet himself, he was injured terribly in an explosion. He's lived in Dorset many years. You can find him there under the name "sapper". He has his own thread in the Veteran's Stories section. Tell him I sent ya! He's a great guy.





The 228th American Hospital. - colinhotham - 10-21-2010

Thank you for the information Brooke, I have visited the website.

The 228th American Hospital. - Walt's Daughter - 10-21-2010

He also has a page on our web:

The 228th American Hospital. - chambers - 10-21-2010

I just love Brian. I read his entire thread on wbg (no small feat) a few years ago. He also loaned me the last copy of his book to read. He's such a swell guy.

The 228th American Hospital. - colinhotham - 10-27-2010



Members of the 228th American Hospital, Haydon Park, nr Sherborne, Dorset.

August 26th 1944.


The 228th American Hospital. - colinhotham - 10-28-2010

The 228th Hospital main gate and an article from a US newspaper.