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Colonel Rick Stevens steps down - Walt's Daughter - 08-07-2008

This was sent to our Captain Fallon, 36th Combat Engineer WWII. He has kept up to date with the 36th Engineer Brigade, and sends us all the latest.


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE


Captain Fallon -- It is with a heavy heart, but immense pride, that I hand off command of the "Rugged Seahorse" Brigade to Colonel Kent Savre on Friday.


I have included his email address for future correspondence and know that he is committed to continuing the strong relationship we have enjoyed for the last two years.


As you know, I have the greatest respect and admiration for those of you in the "Greatest Generation" that established the tradition of excellence for the 36th Engineers. Today, the patch of the 36th Engineers serves proudly on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan...making a difference and honoring those that have come before us.


Best wishes for many happy reunions and thank you for your unwavering support and friendship.


36th Engineers are RUGGED!


Very respectfully, Colonel Rick Stevens

Commander, 36th Engineer Brigade


16 June 2006 - 8 August 2008 Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE