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VFW Pictorial History of WWII - Wendy - 07-29-2008

I just picked up a copy of Volume 1 The war in europe at the local farmers market flea market for $2. It`s well used but has a lot of great pics.


Engineer Ingenuity



"Outwitting The Nazis. Retreating Nazis intended to clog the Allied advance with this and other ships sunk in Naples harbor.When U.S. Army Engineers eyed this hulk, however, they recognized an asset. Quickly they guaged its position near the blasted docks, tested its stability. Satisfied it was stuck fast, they threw up a bridge and enabled full-scale docking operations to be carried out on the barnacle-studded hull. All five hatches of the Liberty ship shown moored alongside are being unloaded at once. Guns, clothes food flow to Allied forces clawing their way up Italy`s spiny terrain. Much of the Corps of Engineers` efforts to keep supply lines open lifted few eyebrows save those of experts in logistics. Here the ability of the Army`s builders to improvise, points up their deeds in spectacular fashion."

VFW Pictorial History of WWII - Walt's Daughter - 07-29-2008

Yes, I have seen this. It's just astounding. Way to go men. This enabled massive tonnage to be delivered to the harbor in a short span of time, and also allowed men and machine to be transported out.