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'English Eagles' General Salute. - ricklind - 04-30-2008



The Group 'Present Arms' during the raising of 'Old Glory'.

This was the start of the day of training and displaying in the

magnificent grounds of Littlecote House, Hungerford, Wiltshire, England.

Which was the home of the 101st 506th AB during WW11.

'English Eagles' General Salute. - CaptO - 04-30-2008

Thanks, Moose.

'English Eagles' General Salute. - Walt's Daughter - 04-30-2008

You must feel as though you are time trippin' some days! Ah, to turn back the hands of time for a few hours, and to see it all in action again at Littlecote House. That would be something....really would be see you... Ooops, broke into a McCartney song. :drinkin: