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36th Engineer Brigade - Walt's Daughter - 04-22-2008

John Fallon, 36th Engineer, keeps us posted on the current role the unit is playing today. Here is their correspondence below.




Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE




We will be heading back to Fort Hood at the beginning of June. I will be sure our Rear Detachment gets you on our invite list for our homecoming ceremony. We are all very excited to come home!


I have attached our latest newsletter for your review and distribution to our alumni.




CPT Ashley Dellavalle




Our reunion for the WWII veterans has been scheduled for this September and I am going to send out the first of two announcements. Have you any news of the Brigade that I can pass on to the men? I hope you are about due for a trip to the States pretty soon, you've been there quite a while.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.