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Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Walt's Daughter - 05-30-2007

Found this video clip on the forum I found I've been visiting this week,


The post itself is all in Dutch, so I just copied the video link. Hey Daan, can you tell us anything about this since it's on your forum? :pdt12:

Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Daan - 05-30-2007

Hi Marion,


That topic was started by a Belgium forum member, he owns a Harley Davidson and has made a website about those bikes, it's an English website and very interesting! Take a look;


Regards Daan

Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Walt's Daughter - 05-30-2007



Fantastic site. I've still looking through it right now. Have already spent over a half hour just browsing. Some super photographs.


As I stated to you in a PM today, my dad was riding a motorcycle on May 24, 1944, when he was injured by a mortar shell at Anzio.

Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Walt's Daughter - 05-31-2007

I wrote to Johan yesterday regarding my dad and he wrote back today. Thank you so much Johan! :drinkin:


Hi Marion,


Your father would most likely have been riding a Harley-Davidson Model WLA Motorcycle as pictured on my site.


The US Army used mostly Harley and some Indians during WW2, but by 1944 about 99% of the bikes in use in Europe would have been Harleys...


Talk soon,



Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Reg from the Bulge - 06-03-2007



Marion , Mr John Lind , curator of the Detroit Arsenal of Democracy owns a Harley that was used in Normandy and Holland . It will be on display at the Salute to Veterans Weekend .





Harley Davidson WLA 'Liberators' - Walt's Daughter - 06-03-2007

Oh goodie, goodie, goodie. Can't wait to see it. :drinkin: