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Photo Archive 1940's - Walt's Daughter - 05-05-2007

A great selection of photographs by various photographers during the war. Many of these are from the archives so the photographers are unknown. Some of these I have never seen before. :armata_PDT_37:



Yup this site is now defunct! Too bad. Another one bites the dust... :unsure: That site is GONE!

Photo Archive 1940's - CaptO - 01-24-2008

Unfortunately, that link does not work anymore (or at least for me.) Here is a good one from the National Archives. It has a lot of great pictures that are of a very good size. They also do not have any digital watermark on them.

Photo Archive 1940's - Walt's Daughter - 04-25-2012

More images! A friend sent this letter out to many people this week. Notice he also included our WWII Jukebox. That was really nice. Thanks Jerry!




A bouquet or roses to the Denver Post for keeping the following two websites up and running after several years.


The photos of these pages remind those of the Greatest Generation what World War II was all about; the photos then tell the younger generations what the Greatest Generation had to endure in order to maintain our way of life.................. a tremendous struggle for the Greatest Generation.



Here is an excellent bunch of pictures about the US in the South Pacific during WWII





Listen to the music that the people of the war era listened to as they wondered about what would happen the next day:

Photo Archive 1940's - Walt's Daughter - 05-16-2014

Try this one. Lots of wonderful photos here: