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FIND THEM - Cadetat6 - 01-19-2007

It is getting close to the end of our romantic generation. Here are a few men we are looking for.

Clifford Thiebold

85th div,103rddiv Arty,85th inf div Arty,

2nd div Arty Hq.Btry Div. Arty,103rd inf.


Victor Van Nest

Hqs. company Antitank Platoon


Frank Bounds Korea


Lyle Duane Gordon Korea

Born farm in Regent, N.D.

7th Div 31st reg ,1949 Inchon Landing

and came through Frozen Chosin

Was E-8


Red Arrow Men, 32nd Div, 126th Infantry

Natie Sahn D company

Frank Curry D company

Clare Herald H company

Howard Finsilver Any info you have e-mail

papa Art ( Marion adopted father)



Last Chance,

FIND THEM - Walt's Daughter - 01-19-2007

Papa, glad to see that you are posting this here. I can't stress how important a role the internet plays finding long lost friends. Two cheers for this post!


Your adopted daughter :wub: