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C-SPAN 2 LIVE - afc7883 - 11-10-2006

I stumbled onto some good programming this morning which is going on as I write....Veteran's are speaking on a number of experiences, including 5 of the Doolittle Raiders. It's on C-SPAN 2 RIGHT NOW :D



Jim :woof:

C-SPAN 2 LIVE - Walt's Daughter - 11-10-2006

Excellent. Thanks, hubby and I just turned it on in the living room.


The store TV is running AMC. They are featuring was movies all day long!

C-SPAN 2 LIVE - alkincer - 11-10-2006

Yes I had it on til' nap time...AL

C-SPAN 2 LIVE - Dogdaddy - 11-10-2006

Didn't want to start a new topic for this, but also tonight starting @ 8PM on the History Channel is "Friday Night Fights", and with that I'll let Marion take over :)



DD :woof: