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Battle...The story of the Bulge - afc7883 - 10-04-2006

I have discovered that sometimes (perhaps often) some of the better accounts of WWII are the ones written long ago. This is one of them, written in 1959, a day by day account of the Ardennes offensive that I found "hidden" in a used bookstore recently. John Toland traveled all over Europe and the US to interview the principals in this battle while they were still living, including Baron Hasso von Manteuffel.

The book is 367 pages, some photos (not alot), maps and etc. Published by Random House 1959. :pdt34:



Jim :woof:

Battle...The story of the Bulge - Walt's Daughter - 10-04-2006

Ah, am very familiar with John Toland, as we have several books by him in our collection. As everyone can see by going to this link on, Mr Toland has a TON of books relating to the WWII era.