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1377th Engineers - Walt's Daughter - 09-02-2006

Received the following request:


Louise Lonergan Hamilton


cityst: Broken Arrow, OK


comments: I am trying to find information on my Dad's engineering unit. It was #1377, which is displayed on a pennet in a group picture. Please tell me how to become a member of your site so I can ask some questions. Thank you,

Louise Hamilton


I wrote to her and informed her while I could not any information on the Net, I did find a reference to the 1377th. It would appear that this unit was the 1377th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Company. I have scanned three pages from my War Against Germany book. The info can be viewed in a PDF file.


I also sent her all the suggestions that I normally give everyone performing research on their loved ones' unit.


1377th Engineers - alkincer - 09-02-2006

I had a lieutenant in my company who was in a petroleum distribution unit at the port of Naples. He came to us in April 44, made the drive on Rome & was killed in July 1944. He was a graduate of Oklahoma State (A.&M). AL