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ALGER-ONE - Cadetat6 - 08-26-2006



ALGER-ONE - chambers - 08-26-2006

Where's Chuck been lately anyway?????



ALGER-ONE - Walt's Daughter - 08-26-2006

Funny you should ask Brooke, was wondering that myself. He just posted yesterday. Seems his computer went :wacko::wacko::wacko: . So he's back amongst the living. :lol:

ALGER-ONE - Cadetat6 - 08-30-2006

Chuck is OK


His computer broke down. We still see each other at lest once a week..

He is in a coma



ALGER-ONE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

He is in a coma


I know you're kidding, but someone else may not. :lol::lol: So let me elaborate, Chuck is alive and kicking. He may be walking around in a stupor, but he's okay. :lol::lol::lol::zelda:

ALGER-ONE - parker - 08-30-2006

You guys gave me a little scare. Chuck in a comma!!!!! I think Ah man and then read on. I'll bet he gets a kick out of this.

ALGER-ONE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

Ya, thought I should clarify that. A lot of the people here are new or maybe not here all the time. I thought hell, when they read that they are going to be inquiring and sending get well wishes. Egad! :wacko::unsure::lol:

ALGER-ONE - chambers - 08-30-2006

Marion, how did you get sandwiched in between those two??



Ahhh... I'd like to meet up with you all some day!!



ALGER-ONE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

I think Papa and Chuck were running the show that day!!! Hey, gotta let them get their way once in a while! :lol: :lurk:

ALGER-ONE - Cadetat6 - 09-02-2006

Brooke said "Marion how did you get sandwitch between those two"


Does Brooke know Marion adopted papa as her earth father and has

met her adopted sister's in Novi. Michigan. The adoption paper's are in library of congress.