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Perverse Humor - jim armstroong - 08-22-2006



I'm sure you know that at times there is a sort of perverse or almost sadistic humor among the troops but it was used at times as a safety valve and here's one such incident.


In Normandy,near either Rennes or Laval(senior moment-I forget which),we decided to spend the night in a nearby farm house that was virtually intact. With us was a "so-called" Plt.Sgt. that had reached that rank in the National Guard through POLITICAL INFLUENCE back home. Most of the guys requested that they be allowed to be behind him when advancing because he would fire at anything he was so scared. Believe me he wasn't a leader!! I tried several times to unload him to no avail. Even considered shooting him myself!!(LOL)


A couple of my "real NCOs" came to me with a proposal they wanted to put in effect but to protect me they asked that I not get into any details of said proposal. Knowing these men, I knew it would be much better if I truthfully could say after the fact that I had no knowledge of the "prank". Never could lie!!


Naturally, since this was a farm the house had no indoor plumbing so a "slit trench" was dug in a sort of a grove of trees for all to use and it was out of sight and dark here.(Have to properly set the stage)!!


In the barn we found a Kraut bicycle,weapons and camouflage capes etc. left behind when we moved up and into the farm. The "real NCOs" fashioned a figure in the shadows with a statue that from a distance was a work of artful deception that appeared to be a Kraut sniper who did travel on bicycles for obvious reasons and some did travel alone. The bike,rifle,camo jacket etc. were all there.


After eating and before bedding down, the "real NCOs" suggested a check of the perimeter and the slit trench area with the "Plt. Sgt." as the leader but this was was after suggestive stories about hearing noises in the barn,across the road in the Hedgerow field etc which scared the living you know what out of our friend. Off they went and in a few moments I heard ungodly screaming about a sniper in the grove so everybody went down ASAP. Not knowing any better,the Plt. Sgt. threw a few grenades and shot the daylights out of the make-believe sniper with a Thompson while the rest of the patrol was rolling on the ground with laughter.


From that day on until he managed,and I don't know how,to be transferred back to England accompanied by his nickname "Sniper".


The Company Co. was not amused but did admit he was glad he was gone.


Sgtleo :clappin::bluejumper:

Perverse Humor - chambers - 08-23-2006

That's a good one, Stgleo!!



Perverse Humor - Walt's Daughter - 08-23-2006

Hey Sarge, I don't think they'd print that one in the Readers Digest's, Humor in Uniform section. :lol::lol:


Hey, thank God for the moments of humor in war. I'm sure they helped to carry you guys through.


If I ever meet you in person, I'm watching out for snipers. :lol::lol::machinegun: