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Anzio Memorial - Walt's Daughter - 06-22-2006

This was sent to me by Capt John Fallon, 36th Combat Engineer. A very nice memorial for our guys.


The wording will be provided later today by me. :pdt34:


Anzio Memorial - Walt's Daughter - 06-22-2006

This Memorial Honors American and Allied Forces

Who fought on Anzio Beachead Italy

January 22 - May 25, 1944


On January 22, 1944, American and Allies landed amphibious forces

on the Anzio Beachhead 20 miles south of Rome intending to

encircle the enemy, cut off its supplies and reduce its defenses,

effectively allowing the Allied drive northward from Cassino to



For 124 days on the 15 by 6 mile flat beachhead our troops were

afforded no tactical cover from continuous artillery fire from

the outnumbering enemy forces positioned in the Apennine

highgrounds above them. More than 57,000 Allied troops were

killed, wounded or captured during this bloody battle and enemy

casualties were approximately 30,000.


On May 25, 1944, although still surrounded and outnumbered, and

exhausted from their four month-long fight, our valiant forces

boldly advanced, breaking out of the beachhead, and rolled up

the Gustav Line. They liberated Rome on June 4, 1944.


May their sacrifices and acts of bravery be remembered always.


Dedicated 2005

Anzio Memorial - C. McGarvey - 09-17-2006

Dear Marion,


As a member of the Anzio Beachhead Veterans OF WORLD WAR ll I had the privilage of attending the dedication ceremony of the Memoriial Monument to those who were at the beachhead. The dedication was held in New York City, pier 90 92 during Fleet Week, May 26th, 2006.


After the dedication ceromony , all those in attendance were invited aboard the USS ANZIO CG 68 by Captain Perry Bingham, Commanding Officer, to enjoy a fine buffet luncheon and also a tour of this ship and an opportuiinty to mingle with and meet with the wonderful men and women now serving our country today.


C. McGarvey

Anzio Memorial - Walt's Daughter - 09-17-2006

That's just great. Another vet who is a member of this forum, Rocky, also attended the ceremony and really enjoyed the entire day. I'm sure he'll add to this post. :pdt34:

Anzio Memorial - roque_riojas - 09-17-2006

Marion, the Memorial I attended was the Natl. WW II Memorial in D.C. 2004.


I didn't know about the Anzio Memorial. Now I wish I had known. And yes

that beachead was no picnic. Rocky, 1st Bn. 135th inf regt 34th divn

Anzio Memorial - Walt's Daughter - 09-17-2006

Sorry Rocky, gotcha mixed up with another vet. You've heard one vet, you've heard 'em all. :lol::lol::lol: Just kidding sweetheart. Anyway, if there were any other vets who attended the ceremony, we'd like to hear from ya. :pdt34: