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The Wall - Walt's Daughter - 06-05-2006

The Wall


URL supplied by James Hennessey

The Wall - Parnell-H - 07-24-2006

I have never had a chance to see the wall yet. But plan to when the Air Force sends me back to the states.

The Wall - Walt's Daughter - 07-24-2006

I don't know of anyone who has visited that hasn't broken down in tears, including my husband and myself. :( He found a friend of the family's name on The Wall.

The Wall - Parnell-H - 08-03-2006

I wear a braclet for 1lt Michael Steven Turose who was shot sown over NVN and his body was never recovered. I know he is listed on the wall. I want to get a rubbing when I go there. I also have a second cousin listed on the wall as well. He was killed his first day in combat.



The Wall - chambers - 08-03-2006

Kyle, are you still in the Air Force? My cousin joined in April. She's in Mississippi right now.



The Wall - chambers - 08-03-2006

Number of living whose names are etched on the “wall†in error? TWELVE!





The Wall - Parnell-H - 08-04-2006



Yes I am. 18 years and running!!! Love every minute of it.