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Got a campaign book published by Osprey. Any of you who are familiar with military history will be familiar with the format. Small glossy book with maps, lots of photos.


Anzio 1944 - The beleagured beachhead


The book mentions the 36th and 48th Engineers. No mention of the 540th! Man that ticks me off. The 540th were integral to Anzio at the beachhead and throughout the entire campaign. But as anyone on this site knows, the role of the engineers was and is sorely neglected in the history books. I will try to rectify this so future readers and historians will know how important these men were to the war effort.


I am pleased that the 36th and 48th were brought into focus. There are a few good maps that show the position of the 36th Engineers and will share those with you later in the week if all goes well. Am in the middle of so many remodeling projects with the house, but I digress...

Sounds interesting....AL

Anzio 1944 - The beleagured beachhead

I've seen it and browsed through it but didn't buy it. The last time I was in B&N, they had a special campaign edition on the Doolittle Raid. It was a whopping 96 pages and cost $29. I have a neighbor who is an avide Doolittle Raider fan.

I like the regular Osprey books because they are great sources of info for uniforms and organization. The trilogy on the Italian Army entitled "The Italian Army (1943-1945)" is great as it covers the periods in Africa, Europe and Italy---numbers 340, 349 & 353. These are only 48 pages each.



"If you think it is cold here, you should be in Russia". An Italian saying relating to the campaign in Stalingrad.

I just picked up another Osprey book. I got it on eBay for $8. Usually, they will list them on eBay at their retail price which doesn't make sense. I could just order it from a book store if I wanted to pay retail.

I got this one cheap as it is an old one: "Montgomery's Desert Army". It is so old, it doesn't have a number. But still in good shape. Includes good info and photos of the troops from S. Africa, New Zealand, India, Ghurkas, and Australians. Also has an organization table of the British 8th Army.