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Hello everyone glad to meet all of you . It was the highlight of my internet browsing when I came across Marion's web-site. The work and time she has devoted to this web-site is ASTOUNDING.

May she always be blessed.

My name is-Jim Hennessey,

I live in Bayonne New Joisey.

Retired from Bayonne Post

Office after 35 yrs. still

an infantryman in civilian life.Served with Co.E-345th-

Regt-87th-(Golden Acorn)

Inf.Div. in WW2.

Good Night-God Bless

Comrade In Arms-Jim H

ND-JIM; Welcome aboard Jim. I am glad you found this forum.

Hope you keep acitve and give us your input. I was in the same kind

of work, from '43 to '45. But we achieved the same thing. At 83+ I am

still proud of my contribution. Roque J. Riojas, 34th. RED BULL Divn.

Just a proud dogface. No. Africa and Italy.



I was very, very touched by your post. I consider you a very good friend and always happy when I get an email from you. Your contributions to this site have also been tremendous. The links and photos you have sent me are gratefully accepted.


I feel as though I have known you for years. The only regret I have is not having the chance (yet!) to meet you and Dolly in person.


I can't tell you how delighted I am that we met and I hope we will continue to be good friends for many long years to come. What would I do without you?


Rocky, I think you and Jim will have lots to share. He's a great guy just like you. I am honored to know both of you. How could a lady go wrong with friends like you?


Love you both,

M :wub::wub:

Hello Jim, Welcome!!



Jim: Welcome to the forum from another old ww2 dogface (from the 3rd Inf Div in the ETO.. Glad to have you with us.. I am also a Jersey guy.