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Great site Marion!


I can't think of much to say other than thanks. Looks like I'll have some good reading online now too.


I look forward to soaking up as much as I can from everyone here.


Welcome aboard Brian. You've found the place. We would like to know who you are, where you live, and where you've been. We're a bunch of people who like to talk AND listen.


So go ahead


I live in Mentor, OH (about 25 miles east of Cleveland). I haven't been too many places yet since I'm *only* 24. One day I would really like to get to Normandy, and see a World Rally Championship round while I'm in Europe.


I have a small collection of WWII weapons. 3 M1's, and an 03A3 Springfield. I carry a 1911 also, but it's a new manufacture. And obviously an immense passion for WWII history.


What else do you wanna know? Ask, I could type all day sometimes.

Your IQ, blood type and typing speed. B)

I dunno, red, and 857408932 :P

Okay. I just had to ask the blood type when a guy says he is packing a cannon. ;)


Oh.....I forgot..... Welcome aboard.



I bought a Sig .380 for my concealed carry, but I couldn't get used to it. So I went back to what I learned to shoot on, a 1911. ;)

Welcome Brian. Better late than never. Hey Chuck and Papa Art, I am hoping that Brian can become our guest sometime this year at the 101st meetings. Brian and I are trying to plan something. We've been talking behind the scenes... :lurk: :puter:


I dunno, red, and 857408932 


Well with a typing speed of 857408932, how could we deny you entry. :lol:


Nice having ya here. I think you will enjoy your stay. :woof:

Welcome aboard Brian, from another "gun nut" and a ww2 Inf. vet. I'm still shooting

and reloading even yet.

Ah yes, reloading is next on my list of things to pick up. I prolly have about 2000 rounds of .30 cal brass laying around in boxes.


I might have to make a trip to Camp Perry to pick up a little more before I can get into reloading.


Everytime I fire one of my M1's I wonder "where has this little guy been? Who's looked down these sights before, and WHAT were they aiming at?"

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