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Sent to me by John McAuliffe.




Battle of the Bulge Statistics


"In Hitler's last desperate battle, the Americans had 80,987 casualties.

10,276 Killed........47,493 Wounded.........23,218 missing in action.

Of the 23,218 declared missing; 15,000 can be counted as taken prisoner;

so there remain 8,000 who can be presumned killed, making a total number

of 19,000 killed."


Jean Milmeister; CEBA/Luxembourg

Interesting to know.


Is Mr. McAuliffe the son of General Anthony C. McAuliffe who led the defense of Batogne?

John isn't related to the great general, even though they share the same illustrious name.


You can read all about Johnn here:

Thank you Marion.



Cool photo Misha. Where was it taken?


Hey, nice to see you around again. Man, it's been years. Okay, okay, it's only been months, but it feels like years! :lol::lol:


Welcome back my dear friend.

Thanks Le Gal! Photo is taken during Batlle of Bulge, you gan find similar pictures on the same site where the Great Lady Marion is. :pdt34: