Full Version: New Guy Intro - 175th Engineer Regiment (General Services)
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My dad was 1SG of Headquarters and Services Company, 175th Engineer Regiment (General Services) from 1942 until May 1945. Remained with the regiment until deactivation in late 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry, VA. He retired from the Army as a COL in 1974 with 34 years active service. He passed away in 1996. I retired from the Army in 1996 as a LTC with 23 years active service. I am writing a biography on my father.

Welcome. It's great to have another "kid" of a WWII Combat Engineer on my site. I noticed that both our fathers served in H&S Co. Maybe you can shed some light on his duties with his company.


Well, we'll chat more later. Thanks again for joining and welcome to our little family on the net.